About Kucina

About - Chef Gero_02

Founded in June 2016, Kucina Italian Restaurant is helmed by Chef Gero @ Omar, an Italian-Muslim revert, who has over 30 years of experience in the F&B industry, specialising in Italian cuisine. Realising that there's no authentic and halal Italian food in Singapore, he decided to open the first one.

KUCINA aims to provide high quality Italian cuisines which can be enjoyed by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. In 2019, KUCINA received its first MUIS Halal certification. Authenticity, in Kucina's context, is all about retaining the original method of preparing Italian food; no short-cuts or fusion.

The word Kucina is inspired by the actual word "Cucina" which means ‘kitchen' in Italian. To suit the local enunciation of words, the letter K is used instead of C. Hence, the word KUCINA is formed.

The Concept

With an open-kitchen concept, customers are presented with a first-hand view of pizza-making and beautiful plating of each cuisine. The whole experience of being able to witness this process, coupled with the aroma of freshly made food emanating from the kitchen are sure to amplify customers’ excitement and eagerness to indulge in their food.

The wooden tables, brick accent walls, cement floor and warm lightings invoke a sense of coziness one can feel while dining at Kucina. Displayed elegantly at the entrance, the bespoke 1960 Vespa adds a touch of class to the overall ambience.

The Ideology

Italian food is all about fresh ingredients and simplicity in the cooking, allowing the flavours to do the talking. They are often enjoyed together as a family at one table. Kucina endeavours to offer all its guests not just delicious food, but the cultural experience as well.

Awards & Achievements